RACER.com Eclipses 1 Million Engaged Digital Audience Members for May


Not only did RACER.com set an all-time high for unique users in one month at 686,600, a 64.7% increase over May 2018 according to Alexa certified metrics, but our overall digital audience surpassed 1 million when considering the total reach of the RACER digital platform. The exact number for May 2019 – 1,072,005 – is the combined number of users, viewers and engaged users across RACER.com, Apple News, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. An engaged user is classified as any individual who clicks on a story or link. 

May_digi_reach graphic.jpg

But that’s only part of the story. If we go beyond engaged users on Facebook and Instagram, we also learn that RACER content tallied a reach of 3,545,243 and 132,300 respectively, defined as people who had RACER content on their page, including posts, check-ins, shares or ads. Similarly on Twitter, the number of impressions totaled 4,167,516 while on YouTube the number of views measured 181,100 for a total of 804,900 minutes of watch time. Extending our reach even further, RACER.com content posted to alliance partner, DriveTribe.com, yielded an additional 1,357,559 impressions.

Several factors account for the growth, chief among them is vastly improved SEO capability. Since the RACER.com moved onto the USA Today WordPress VIP platform last year, a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes has taken place to ensure that RACER original content is more easily searched and organically found. The fact that it is a mobile-first platform makes finding and reading RACER content on mobile devices a better user-experience, contributing to the audience growth with virtually anytime-access. 

Speaking of RACER original content, we now have more correspondents covering more series than ever before, including F1, NASCAR and off-road to name a few, drawing in a broader cross-section of motorsports fans.

Finally, we have to tip our hat to IndyCar, IMSA and NBC Sports. The unified and  increased quality and visibility via broadcast and streaming by a major network has fueled greater interest in these series, and as a result more people are coming to RACER.com for additional coverage and in-depth analysis.

George Tamayo