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only RACER covers national and international motorsport with OVER 25 years of authority and insight.

RACER is North America’s leading dedicated, multi-platform motorsports media brand. In print, online, digital and video, no other U.S.-based media covers Formula 1, IndyCar, IMSA, WEC, NASCAR, Formula E, World-Challenge, drag racing, vintage racing and MotoGP through to the development and amateur ranks with original content that captures the beauty, passion and culture of racing like RACER.


According to Alexa rankings, is the number 1 general interest motorsports site in the United States. With correspondents around the world covering the top-tiers of motorsport, our readers get the broadest and most in-depth view of the sport everyday of the week. 



Since 1992, RACER has set the standard for high-quality motorsports publications. No other American-based magazine captures the beauty and tells the stories of motorsport like RACER. That's why we've earned a loyal following with a subscription renewal rate of 70% annually.

RACER also publish:



Racer Media & Marketing also publish SportsCar, the official magazine of the SCCA. Each month 45,000 club members receive the most in-depth and authoritative coverage of the Club's activities. They are among the most active racing enthusiasts in the country.


Vintage Motorsport

As ‘The Journal of Motor Racing History,’ Vintage Motorsport serves as the leading voice of vintage racing and motorsport history in the U.S. Each issue offers a thoughtful blend of columns, feature articles and photography that examines the rich history of motorsport.



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Our audience lives and breathes motorsports. They consume it in on television, online and in person and from behind the wheel. And because they love it so much, our audience members actively seek to support the brands that are active in the sport through their own personal buying choices.

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491,620 users online & 32,970 in print.

  • serves a monthly average of 2.42 million page views among 491,620 users*

  • Published six times per year, RACER's circulation in print and digital stands at 32,970**

  • 60% of our audience enjoy both the website and the magazine regularly***

  • The RACER Daily Bulletin, an opt-in email service reaches over 20,000 subscribers every day

  • 93% of traffic on originates in the U.S. and Canada. California, Indiana and New York lead the way The U.K. and Australia make up our two largest international audiences*.

*Jan - Aug 2019, Google Analytics & Alexa rankings / **BPA Audit June 2018 / ***2017 Audience Survey

76% say they will spend more on the products and services they desire most. 

  • 95% are male and 38% are between ages 25-54

  • 39% have an HHI over $100,000 per year

  • 50% drive a premium segment automobile

  • 84% own their homes 

  • 23% hold a senior director or executive level job position

2017 Audience Survey


Our social media engagement rate is 2x higher than any other motorsports-specific media property

  • Our social media footprint reaches over 400,000 people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • The RACER Channel on YouTube has garnered over 6.7 million views since 2013

  • 52% say that RACER editorial can influence their purchase intent*

  • 44% have visited a RACER advertisers website*

  • On average, only 14% say they regularly read major automotive publications*

*2017 Audience Survey

RACER Studio


Isn’t content marketing just another name for great story telling?


RACER Studio is RACER’s in-house, native content creation and content marketing agency. Story telling is at the heart of what we do. That’s probably why great automotive, motorsport and consumer brands have asked us to tell their story though the unique lens and voice of RACER. 

With authority, insight and, most importantly, validation, RACER Studio is uniquely able to deliver brand messages that are engaging, compelling and enjoyable to read or watch.

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