RACER 2017 Audience Survey Results


Between July 10 and
August 8, RACER conducted an online audience survey with 1,835 responses.

Here's what we learned...

As with our last survey, our audience remains 95% male with a median age of 55, and 39% have a household income over $100,000 per year. In other categories, the results hold steady over the 2015 survey with half of our readers driving a premium segment automobile and 84% owning their home.

In terms of consumer habits, 76% say they will spend more for the products and services they desire. When it comes to advertisers on RACER.com or in RACER magazine, fully 43% say that they have visited an advertiser’s website and 34% say they have done further research on a product or service advertised with RACER. Thirty-nine percent tell us that an editorial feature on a product or service with RACER has a some influence on their purchase intent.

As expected the bulk of RACER’s audience are highly avid Formula 1 and IndyCar fans followed strongly by sports car racing.

On the quality of RACER.com and RACER, our audience members gave us high marks all around. For example, 80% score the design of RACER magazine as “first rate,” and 88% say the content on RACER.com is either “great” or “pretty good.” Interestingly, consumption of mainstream automotive titles remains very low, suggesting that there is little audience crossover.

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George Tamayo